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GuideStar is an online directory of US charities and the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. Your organization's listing on GuideStar can help verify your organization's 501(c)(3) status and makes you searchable to 9 million users a year and tens of millions more on more than 230 philanthropic websites including Facebook, the Walmart Foundation, and Network for Good. 

GCFA has partnered with GuideStar and includes an option to have your organization listed on one of our regular exports to have it listed on their site. Further, all organizations listed on GuideStar through us automatically obtain the Bronze Seal of Transparency which gives funders insights into your organization, enabling educated grant-giving decisions. Once your organization is listed on GuideStar, you must Claim Your Profile to make edits and update to obtain additional Seals of Transparency

Google for Nonprofits/TechSoup Registration Instructions

Please find below a list of instructions for registering your organization with TechSoup. This will allow you to acquire your own “Association Code” and “Validation Token.” Also, please refer to TechSoup’s Getting Started video, as well as the outline below, for assistance with registering.
Go to the
Joining TechSoup page
a. Provide the requisite information to create a personal TechSoup Account
b. After providing your individual information, press [Continue].

On the next two pages, you will enter your organization’s information.
a. Organization Status
b. Independent or Group?
  • If your organization has an individual determination of exemption from the IRS, you will choose ‘Independent’ and complete the additional questions relating to your organization. 
  • If your organization is included in the UMC Group Tax Exemption Ruling, you will choose ‘Group’ and enter the Group EIN below.
  • Group EIN: email to obtain.
Then, you will be prompted to confirm the information.
a. Click [Register this Organization]

The final “Thank you” page provides:
a. Your organization’s Association Code
b. Next Steps for Qualification with TechSoup

Once your organization is validated with TechSoup, you can generate a “Validation Token” through your account.
a. Here is
TechSoup’s Validation Token FAQ page.
If you have any specific questions about the registration process, it might be helpful to contact TechSoup directly, but please feel free to reach out to our department if you have any further questions by emailing

Walmart Foundation Grants

If your organization is applying for a grant through the Walmart Foundation, here is the link to Walmart's Organization Registration Information that provides information about how group ruling subordinates, churches specifically, can register. It is our understanding that you will need to submit a support request (link at bottom of the Walmart link above), and then Walmart will contact you for your church's group ruling documents. If you need an updated letter that is dated less than 6 months old, one can be requested at any time at
PO Box 340029
Nashville, TN 37203-0029
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